Friday, 20 July 2012

Washington: oysters, giant pancakes, more teenage vampires...and an inbox full of emails to tell us our home has flooded!

We crossed over the Columbia River into Washington State and into cranberry bogs and  oyster coves. The road took us inland to the old lumber town of Forks. I hadn't heard of this place until recently when  we came across some dvds in a house in NZ labelled Twilight!
The information office in Forks said they had experienced a 500% increase in visitors to the town over the last 3 years, even thought no filming has actually taken place there. The author, Stephenie Meyer, lives in Arizon and wanted to set her teenage vampire books in a gloomy place with high rainfall. In Forks they measure it in feet not inches.

Magi as an Oyster.

Looking over towards Vancouver Island.

Pike Place market in Seattle.

The floods at home!
Things are normally like this...

The river claimed the floor!

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