Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Jellys of Monterey

We've been to quite a few aquariums and seen lots of sealife this year - sperm whales in NZ, lazy sea lions, seals (of the animal kind, and one of the human navy kind), loggerhead turtles, placid but deadly sea snakes etc. Over the last few months, our kids have have build up a picture of what going home will be like and for them nothing can frankly compare to the Plymouth Aquarium, be as beautiful as the beach at Bigbury on Sea, or have such lovely old historic buildings and towns as gorgeous as Totnes and Kingsbridge. I call it having a "Dart Caf" moment - ie. nothing is as good as the Dart Caf. We might be in Tartine, one of the most fabulous bakeries in San Francisco, and they'll say "yeah, it's pretty good..." and I'll finish "...but not as good as the Dart Caf!"

So, Tripadvisor, according to our audience, a third said The Monterey Aquarium, wasn't as good as the Plymouth Aquariaum - because how could anything be as good as home - but the adults, who, agree that for Plymouth, the aquarium is pretty dam good, think the Monterey with it's sea otters and Moon Jellys is rather fabulous. I can however, say with absolute authority that the aquarium cafe overlooking Monterey Bay, with it's chatty barrista, we had all to  oursleves, and it's bottles of Napa wine, excellent coffee and fab brownies just has the edge over Plymouth's cheesy wotsits, baked potatoes and view of the Barbican. #whydofamilyvenueshavesuchrubbishfood

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