Thursday, 29 December 2011

Broken Head, Byron Bay: Friends

Will, Raz, Magi, Rosie, Emily and Bear.

Walking to King's Beach with Emily, Shaun, Martin, Rosie and Will.

Broken Head lookings towards Cape Byron.

Elle - The Body - Macpherson.

Raz and Bear a few hours after he fell on his face and put his front tooth through his gum whilst trying to rescue his skateboard.

Little Wategoes. There was a pod of 6 dolphins swimming in the shallows.

Chunky Roo on Cape Byron.

Something lurking on the rocks at Wategoes Bay. Salamander or Skink?

Byron Bay: The Pass.

Broken Head.

Kings Beach aka Nudie Beach.

Raz did my Braveheart sun protection.

Raz and Will after a crab prodding session.

Bream on the bbq caught at Broken Head. Shame we didn't catch them!

Magi and Emily.

Kingscliff, NSW

The boys (early) Christmas pressie: a couple of Penny skateboards.

A basalt Giant's causeway off Kingscliff.

Kingscliff, NSW.

Misty North NSW. A nice change from the techno-blue skies of Queensland, don't you think? 

Noosa: a longboard and a shortboard join our cramped campervan

These dogs can't afford a jet ski to pull them out into the surf, so they use their good-for-nothing owner.

Raz's board.

Digs surfing Noosa point.

Noosa headland: Boiling Pot Bay.

Tea Tree Bay: amazing, if slightly antiseptic, smell. 

Tin Can Bay: snack time for dolphins

There used to be plenty of dugongs around here before the forestry commission plied the land with petro chemicals. These leached into the water and 600-700 dugongs were washed up on these shores.

Ever since an injured dolphin was nursed back to life here in the 50s, they have been swimming out into Hervey Bay and squeaking to their mates about the free food in Tin Can Bay. They're now on the 3rd generation of Indo-Pacific Hump back dolphins.