Thursday, 29 December 2011

Broken Head, Byron Bay: Friends

Will, Raz, Magi, Rosie, Emily and Bear.

Walking to King's Beach with Emily, Shaun, Martin, Rosie and Will.

Broken Head lookings towards Cape Byron.

Elle - The Body - Macpherson.

Raz and Bear a few hours after he fell on his face and put his front tooth through his gum whilst trying to rescue his skateboard.

Little Wategoes. There was a pod of 6 dolphins swimming in the shallows.

Chunky Roo on Cape Byron.

Something lurking on the rocks at Wategoes Bay. Salamander or Skink?

Byron Bay: The Pass.

Broken Head.

Kings Beach aka Nudie Beach.

Raz did my Braveheart sun protection.

Raz and Will after a crab prodding session.

Bream on the bbq caught at Broken Head. Shame we didn't catch them!

Magi and Emily.

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