Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Singapore: Tin Tin and Durian

Loved Pegg and Frost as the Thompson twins.

The mother of all escallators in Singapore - by-passing 3 floors of a shopping centre... this!

Peter Pan, Captain Hook and all, dexteriously recreated in bendy balloons. Only seen a bendy poddle up until this point.

Something that actually tastes 110% worse than it smells-  and it smells of putrified sewers.

Singapore Night Safari. It made me wonder why we ever go to the zoo in the day time. The animals didn't give a hoot or a growl about being in captivity in the dark and were just going about their crazy business without seeing us. Got within inches of a tiger eating it's supper and saw the massive square faces of the hygeneas. Got excited about some bats hanging right by us on a tree that turned out to be finger bananas, much to kids amusement.

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