Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bowen: Baz, Nicole and Hugh loved will you!

All around Tully on the Bruce Highway there's still evidence of February's cyclone Yasi. Trees lining the road were snapped like pencils and one house stille had it's roof in the garden. We stopped off for some meat pies just opposite Hinchbrook Island in the Whitsundays.

Cyclone Yasi damage in the Whitsundays.

Sugar cane train.

Driving into Bowen, these days you are meeted and greeted with a huge bill board with Baz Luhrman, Nicole Kidman and Hugh's (surname?) smiling faces with the tag line, "Baz, Nic and Hugh loved Bowen – so will you!” It is a 30s town that stood in for Darwin in the film Australia a few years back (another film I fell asleep 3/4 way through). I took my bike and cycled up the wharf that the cattle ran along in the film!

Old police station that was used in the film.

Bowen is famous for it's Kensington Pride mangoes.
This Big Mango just outisde the town cost $90,000 to construct!


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