Monday, 19 December 2011

The road to Hurricane: Lychees and Gums Trees

Bear, fused to Diggory's head, picking lychees.

We left Cape Trib and headed off for Cooktown, after a chap from Townsville raved about the Cook museum being the best in the world. Later we thought that maybe it was the only one he had ever been to. He told about about a place to bush camp at Cooktown crossing, and to sign ourselves into the bowls club in Cooktown itself for “a really good feed”.
As we went back across the Daintree River, I asked the ferry man about any recent croc sightings. He said that a large saltie went across the ferry path a couple of hours ago. We also asked about Elmo the Jack Russel who was eaten last Friday and then he told us about a 5 ½ year old boy that was killed in a croc attack on the bank a few years ago.

Love this bar in Daintree.

Meditation by Gum trees.

Gums and termites hills.

The directions we were given at Cape Trib to get to Cooktown Crossing were to "take the Hurricane and place beginning with 'k' that no one can pronounce, sign post , then drive along the dirt track for a few kilometers until you get to a water crossing". Karma Waters - very clever.

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