Friday, 20 July 2012

Camping in Marin: Point Reyes

Leaving San Fransico on a foggy saturday afternoon

We said our goodbyes to the girls; Skylar and Kaitlin, and their mum Cynthia and Jolie and headed over the bridge with our new tent to Point Reyes. The first night we were entertained by a lad of 6 and his dad from Sacramento, who played the fiddle and the ukulele, while a couple of fat racoons tried to steal their food and have a noisy scrap.
Lucy, Siri, Bruce and Cath came and joined us the next day and we made a feast for the bbq  - I think there were about 16 jacket potatoes involved !

Left: with Siri in the tent. Right: Twas brillig. Bear reciting the Jaberwocky to beamish boy Bruce.

Digs and Raz at Point Reyes.

Mummy Magi and baby Siri Roo!

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