Wednesday, 18 July 2012

San Francisco: scrapbook


We spent a month in San Francisco, staying with Lucy and Cousin Siri in the Presidio; a 2 minute walk from the Golden Gate Bridge. Within a couple of days, Digs and I had got passes to swim in the University pool. We even tried using our SFU cards in other places and got student reductions on entry to MOMA and the Monterey Aquarium!

We slipped into a comfty routine of swimming in the morning, and then picking up some delicious coffees from Le Velo Rouge on Arguello, and a few groceries in the Arguello Store, run by a lovely chap who sellotaped my credit card back together when I accidently put it in my back pocket and sat on it. Tuesday night at Chez Lucy was always Pizza Night and Digs was at the helm.

Digs and Lucy with the ice creams.

Looking north to Marin.

Going down the sand ladder to Baker Beach.

The $5 bet to see who can walk the wobbly plank.

San Raphael farmer's market.

At the Academy of Sciences: with the fish and in the new earthquake simulator.

Magi and cousin Siri.

An Andy Goldsworthy sculpture in the Presidio.

A walk on Mount Tam. We saw a baby coyote!

The legendary Lemonade Stall. For 3 weekends only in San Francisco's Presidio. $100 dollars all round. Thanks Jolie for much magnificent lemon squeezing!

Playing with Skylar, Kaitlin and Jaiden.

Making candles with Cynthia, Skylar, Kaitlin and Jaiden.

Making S'mores (toasted marshmallow inside a Graham cracker and a strip of melting chocolate).

Tartine's lattes.

Baking the baguettes at Tartine.

Inseparable friends.

Saying goodbye.

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