Monday, 23 January 2012

Blue Mountains: early morning cycle to 3 sisters

Mist clearing around skyway car.

Three Sisters on the edge of the Jamison Valley.

The 3 sisters, let's call them, Kylie, Danii and Barry - after Australia 3 most famous "women", although maybe instead of Danii we should have Priscilla? That will be two laydees and one queen of pop then.

I've just got back from early-ish cycle to the 3 sisters. As I cycled down and up Katoomba Street - it's a bit like one of those wavey slides you go down on a door mat - past some amazing whaffs from an invisible patisserie, towards Echo Point, it was clear that the valley was sitting beneath a heavy mist. The sun was starting to shine on the cable cars of the scenic skyway doing their early morning test runs. A couple of backpackers were having their breakfast  - yesterdays bread and half a jar of Nutella - on a bench in the viewing platform.
cycled as far as I could down the track to the start of the Giant’s Stairway and walked down the first section of it for “experienced walkers” to the first of the 3 sisters. Next to a bench under the overhang there’s a large copy of an Edwardian photo of 2 girls in long white dresses viewing the rocks.
The first sister; Kylie?

Under the first sister.

Will miss this bike in NZ.

Steepest railway in the world in Katoomba. Basically just feel like a vertical ride down a cliff face at 52 degrees.

The scenic skyway going over Katoomba Falls and forest. Floor of car becomes transparent as it goes off the edge.

Evidence of forest fire that was started deliberately October 2011. Apparently they just caught the chap responsible for it today!


skinnyfitkate said...

Stunning! You bored of travelling yet? LOL

Kate Lindeque said...

Hi Magi
Loving your photos. It was -4 degrees here today! We are missing you lots. Lots love.
Kate Lindeque