Monday, 23 January 2012

The Blue Mountains: Pulpit Rock and Bushranger's Cave

Walking to the edge at Pulpit Rock.

A local recommendation, from a teenage lad we picked up on our drive back from the Ruined Castle walk, whose bike chain had broken, was to visit Pulpit Rock, near Mount Victoria.
The weather is absolute nuts here. One minute we've got the electric blankets on in the house and then it's a typical hot dry day. As we walked down the zig zag track to the Bushranger’s Cave: a huge red rock with no obvious entrance, the bush was alive with lizards the same colour as the fallen dusty gum leaves.
Digs found the entrance to the cave, slightly obscuerd by fallen boulders. Raz repeatedly warned us of rattle snakes and scorpions, and all I could say was with raised eyebrows was "127 hours". We'd walked this far we heaved ourseves up and I used my camera flash to explore the back of the cave.

Bushranger's Cave.

Entrance to the cave.

View of Jenolan Valley from inside the cave.

Magi pointed out that this view is seen through a dolphin shaped crack!

Painting boomerangs in the Katoomba Classroom.

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