Monday, 23 January 2012

Sydney, Balmain: a visit to Bar Contessa

Who knew that they actually filmed Independence Day in Sydney?

Digs and Raz at Manly.

While they did that (above) we visited this place.


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Doyles, Watson's Bay.

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Fish and Chips at Doyles.

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Watson's Bay, Sydney.

Harbour bridge from Circular Quay.

We took a visit to Balmain, where I worked at an Italian coffee shop called Bar Contessa, 18 years ago. Con and Sarina who owned it when I worked there, sold it to a chap called Marco 8 years ago. He recommended the meat balls and linguine - really, really good - and made the boys some cute wide-eyed baby chinos. Many things about the decor had changed but the tiled floor in the kitchen I used to run around on, mainly to the tunes of Van Morrison it has to be said, and the gigantor jars of antipasti above the fridges remain.

Bar Contessa.

I has an epic grilled chicken Cesar Salad.

Meat-balls and linguine.

My old kitchen at Bar Contesa.

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