Monday, 23 January 2012

The Blue Mountains: walk to Ruined Castle

We did a 5 hour walk along the old Federal Pass to the ruined castle today. This isn't a castle in the European sense; more of a rocky outcrop that is like a sandstone version of Haytor. I picked off a couple of leeches, one was as big as a slug. Digs, who thought he had escaped them, got back, took his shoes and socks off to dicover that two of them had been silently sucking away at his foot and lower leg without him noticing and blood was soaking through his socks. 
I got a call from someone from South Australia today and had another paypal scammer on the emails when we got back to the house trying to buy our campervan.
The hallmarks of the scam are that they always want to sort out the cash transfer without even coming to see the van. They also have various excuses for not being able to have phone contact. This one went by name of “Flora Schulze”, and she works on ships off the coast as a welfare office (always give slightly too much information), and is wanting to buy it for her dad’s 50th birthday surprise as a rennovation project. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to bits Flora! I replied with a short email saying that it was “amusing, but not very convincing”.


The boys at the Runied Castle lookout.

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