Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A little slice of Middle America

We picked up the keys to our 31ft beast of an RV from a depot on the outskirts of LA and took the 15 north east, straight out. I missed a turning onto the freeway within the first 5 minutes, which meant Digs had to reverse the beast in a busy residential area with a yellow school bus up his rear. At Barstow we turned onto the 40 east into the Mojave Desert. Old Route 66 wove in and out of the new freeway and our first night was spent by the side of it next to a chemically dyed azure-blue pool. We spent 2 weeks moaning about the crap coffee, vowing not to have any more of the stuff, giving it another whirl, then throwing it away. Never did get to the bottom of a cup. However, the landscape was massively awesome. So no caffeine required.

Our "Chateaux" in Newberry Springs by a bottle blue pool (seriously the owner had dyed it).

"Milkshake Boy?"
The town of Needles on the Colorado  routinely tops America's Hottest. It's 120 degrees in Needles today. 

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