Thursday, 28 June 2012

Grand Canyon - down to Phantom Ranch and back again...

The Kolb Studio on the South Rim

Five toe-nails eventually came off as a result of our 10 mile trek down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand canyon and the 10 miles back up on the Bright Angel Trail. The children had grown since we trekked in Nepal, but their shoes hadn't! I can't blame my shoes. In my haste to get my feet in some cool water at Indian Gardens, coming back up to the rim, I managed to crow-bar off a toe-nail with a wobbly rock! I then walked the final 5 miles on the scorching path, barefoot with a couple of codines inside me. 

Raz and Magi in the Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Trailhead

Raz and Magi at Indian Gardens, 5 miles down into the canyon, in the shade at 104 degrees F. You add on an extra 20 to get the direct sun temperature!

After Indian Gardens we followed a stream all the way to the Colorado River at the bottom. We stopped constantly to plunge our heads and to sit fully clothed in the water.

Silver Bridge on the Colorado

4.30am: Breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and maple syrup.

5am: about to leave Phantom Ranch

5.45am: The Colorado before the sun hits it.

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