Friday, 29 June 2012

Las Vegas: Cirque de Soleil, water sliding with sharks...stuffing our faces with M&Ms

Right: Inside Cesar's Palace underneath a subliminal "S-I-M-O-N" message. What's it all about Si?

A Vegian homage to M&Ms. All those ultra rare colours, you've never even dreamed about - like Teal and Cream. Tip: you start off by accidently dropping a few M&Ms into the grill underneath, then retrieve them - intending to put them into your bag - but casually chuck them into your mouth. Then you realise that the floating assistants don't care a jot about that chap lying underneath the dispenser over there, so you just hold out your hand, push the dispenser - Electric Green in my case - then cram then into your mouth - like a whole normal packet at a time. The kids thought it was a bit naughty - so it was actually only me doing it. Which was great because all that sugar made the next activity - water sliding inside a shark tank - even more fun.

The Golden Nugget: The water slide goes through the shark tank behind Digs.
It's super-fast!

Locals can set their watches by the volcano that goes off at The Mirage every hour in the evening.

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