Monday, 14 November 2011

5 Go to ABC: Day 7

Day 7: Deurali – Annapurna Base Camp

The diminishing oxygen levels for the last 2 hours, from MBC (Malchhapulchre Base Camp) up to ABC, felt like tramping over a Dartmoor bog with lead weights in our trousers. However, 7 re-formed Mars Bars in the backpack kept us focussed.

Base camp accommodation is a concrete box with a stone floor. From a distance it looks like some kind of military installation. The common room is really the only place to be, as it has a heater under table and blanket drapes to keep legs warm. This is the one night when the porters and guides have superior accommodation to the trekkers.

The start of the last push up to ABC.

Malchhapulchre/Fishtail as walked away from it to the Sanctury.

Raz got a headache and Dal, noticeably less chirpy than usual, had toothache. I handed out paracetamol.

Magi on the trail from lunch at MBC up to ABC.

Distances are measured in time.

All, a bit light-headed, at Anapurna Base Camp.

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