Monday, 14 November 2011

5 Go to ABC: Day 6

Day 6: Dovan – Deurali
· Re-jigged star of the day – currently Raz 3, Bear 2, Magi 2 – as it was turning into the Himalayan X Factor with the kids trying to impress the judges; Digs, Ram and me.
· As we climbing up to the source of the water, Bear is kept going by tales of middle earth. We're looking forward to our Mars Bars at ABC. People on the trail – mainly Brits and Americans in early stages of retirements and doing it “before they can’t or something happens – you never know what’s around the corner” and a few new graduates from Southampton “putting off finding a real job”.
· Over dinner we met a hard core couple who were both approaching their 50th. He had recently run the Everest marathon and they had both tried to summit the 6th highest mountain world.
· People coming down from ABCc keep telling us how cold it is.
· People here seem happy. I think it's because they have access to same things. Not huge discrepancy as in India.
· Magi said this trek was harder than school today as we climbed more giant steps, the only way into the Annapurna Sanctuary. Amazed to think not only every food supply, but incredibly each pane of glass in each guesthouse, has been brought up on someone’s back. 

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