Monday, 26 September 2011

Jaipur - road trip from Delhi to Jaipur

Umaid Bhawan, Jaipur
Umaid Bhawan, Jaipur
Outside Delhi it's all gone a bit Mad Max
We've witnessed a fair bit of Indian driving since we arrived, and all I can say is I'm glad that uncle Si is not in the car with us, although maybe they would appreciate a bit of full throttle british road rage and colourful cursing.

The highway from the capital to Jaipur starts conventionally, then fizzles out into a broken dusty road with an almost apocaltypic street scene. Digs kept saying "Mad Max" as we passed through these incredible places. It was also our first sight on camels - on the highway - pulling cart loads of large kindling.

We got into Jaipur - the pink city (with many shades of brown and grey ontop) - for the early evening. We passed by the Amber Fort with it's cascading walls down the hillside on the way to our hotel, the Umaid Bhawan. The actual, Umaid Bhawan, the mughal palace is in Jodpur, ours is a mock heritage hotel - Bollywood meets Trago Mills. We'll call it "contemporary camp". 

The kids loved it - the pool with painted panels of Ganesh and pals, the roof-top terrace with restaurant and dancing girls and the two huge four poster beds. The first night I had the best sleep in at least 2 months.

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