Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Delhi Belly

Laid up with the Inevitable S & D - Delhi Style

Digs and Raz have been laid up for 2 days with S and D! We've put off going to Jaipur until Tuesday. We're hiring a driver, so we can do road-side stops for Digs and Raz when they need it. Ushi is packing us up a picnic.

We've been through plenty of bed sheets and midnights visits to the loo.

It seems like a terrible thing to admit to, but we ordered in Domino's pizza for supper! Well, Krishnish, the 10 year old of the house, mentioned that he was doing that, so we thought we'd jump on his delivery! We've never had Domino's pizza in the UK. You get free "choc lava puddings" as well - hard to resist a bit of stodge in the land of spontaneously emptying bowels.

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