Sunday, 18 September 2011

Delhi - first day

Delhi: monkeys, vultures, warthogs, eagles, kites, chipmunks, lizards, gi-normous dragonflies...

All that wildlife was seen in the first few hours after arriving in Delhi. The warthogs and the chipmunks were a bit of a surprise. Magi was especially happy to see The Chipmunks - last time she saw them in their Squeakquel they were doing a Katy Perry number at super high squeaky speed. They do look very cute when they do this wide eye thing and stand up and look expectantly at you. Then we remind the kids about the 'R' word and the fact that we didn't have that jab. Of course, they are everywhere by then and you have to run the gaunlet in between a couple of furry heavyweights.

Raz and Bear have been playing with the guest house owner's son, Krishnish in the evenings - Angrybirds on an ipad. No, Karenza, not ladies out, of a night in Union Street!
Raz, Bear and Magi have loved spotting the hump-backed "camel cows" and the "Hey Man" who comes past the house regularly trying to gather rubbish to sell on.

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