Saturday, 28 April 2012

Waiting for Nana and Easter in Queenstown

Nana - Welcome to NZ

Nana, Diane arriving in Christchurch. Wish I looked like this after a 15 hour flight!

Driving down to Queenstown we stopped off at Lake Tekapo.

Twizel. The town was built in the 60s for a new power plant, with a view to demolishing it oncethe building work was complete. In the meantime the residents had grown fond of their town and it stayed. Now a place on every salmon fisherman's radar.

Under the bridge in Twizel.

Digs fishing Twizel

Our beautiful homestay (house swap) with views to The Remarkables and over Lake Wakatipu. Thanks Jen and Steve for a great 3 weeks.

At the top of the Queenstown gondala.

Looking over Queenstown and the Bungy platform at the end of the day.

Easter Hunt overlooking Lake Wakatipu and choccy carnage a few minutes later!

Some Autumn colour by the lake.

Raz teaching Nana to fish for trout.


Sweet Shop in Arrowtown

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