Thursday, 5 April 2012

Waiheke Island

Stony Batter Rocks

Git off our land - our beach for the week!

We're all missing home a bit at the moment. Bear even said that he wanted to go to school the other day and we're probably in the most nuttily beautiful place so far; own beach, hot tub, pool, golf hole, bla bla bla...we just need a huge gang of our friends and family to come and enjoy it with us...and of course I know you would if it was in Dorset...and not Waiheke on the other side of the worldie!

Hot tub with a knock-out view of the Coromandel Peninsula

Snapper caught in the rowing boat of the beach

Playing in the gun emplacements at Stony Batter. These were huge and made just in case WWII came to Waiheke.

An old motar as a hat

Raz, rowing himself back after his last fish of the week.

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