Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jaisalmer to Udaipur

We said goodbye to Yogi, Saj and the Raijput boys. They gave the children an appropriate leaving present: a mozzie racket zapper. “You can charge it anywhere!”

Got into a backseat discussion with the kids about the most dangerous places in the world. After listing the usual suspects, Columbia, Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria etc I mentioned Sentinel Island in the Andaman Islands, which just happens to be between where we are now, India and where we are heading: Thailand. Magi and Bear had sweets, chocolate eclairs and mango bites. Instead of toys, which we don't have, they scrunched up the wrappers and made characters out of them and played in the car.

South from Jodhpur, there is a village that clearly specialises in making straps; the kind you use for lashing surfboards onto cars. They hang like octupuses drying in a Greek seaside village - a tutti frutti platte in nylon.

Arrived in Udaipur in the dark at 10.30pm and woke in the morning to find all of this...

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