Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bundi: a box of Bindis

A Box of Bindis

We did a big group hug and said goodbye to Raju and Kala from the guesthouse in Udaipur. Unexpectedly they sent someone downstairs,to Raju's mother's shop - to buy Magi a little leaving pressie. Kala presented Magi with 2 armfulls worth of bangles and a small plastic box of bindis. “Take the blue” said Kala, so it will coordinate with your blue top. Everyone loves Magi here. They want to kiss her and pinch her chubby cheeks. They can also say her name perfectly, thanks to televison adverts for "Maggi noddles" all the time. I'm merely, Miranda, similar to the fizzy Fanta rip-off drink "Mirinda".

At Chittorgarth Fort we saw an interesting photo opportunaity. A couple of large horses had been teethered to a wooden post by a pop up cafe, so that Indian tourists could place their kids on them for a photo, with an essential accessory - a real rifle. The horses reered onto their back legs on command for the perfect lone ranger photo. Kalu, our driver, said the Indians really go for that kind of thing. Raz, Bear and Magi were pretty keen too.

After the kids had got off the dads jumped on.

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