Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fiji: our week in Namatakula

Raz's castaway-style raft - that actually worked. He built it with the help of a local deaf boy who couldn't go to school as they don't have the provision for him. His raft had a breeze block for an anchor!

Raft making on the beach.

Bear got to pick coconuts, passionfruit, mandarins, papaya and paw-paw and we had a massive chilli bush outside our cabin.

Washing drying on the beach of Namatakula.

The local school.

Joey making bread for dinner and Magi having a pineapple kebab at the market in Segatoka.

Magi has just woken in our cabin ad Raz is still asleep!

Rosa, with a praying mantis piece of coconut leaf origami in her hair and Bear saying goodbye to her mum, Joey.

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