Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ali, Stu, Spike and the Alpacas at Helena Bay

A roadside Maori farm shop with tasy purple spuds.

Spike munching on some spare mussels.

We pulled up at Helena Bay. The kids played for 4 hours, making a driftwood raft and playing Bear Grylls. It ended suddenly with Bear losing Raz’s prized Leatherman penknife in the lagoon, as it had been floating across on a pair of shorts. The shorts are still at the bottom of the lagoon as well. 
Meanwhile, Digs had met Stu and Spike, a black lab that has had a spinal operation about 4 weeks ago and has to take it easy, and been invited to park the camper on his lawn overlooking the lagoon.

The kids spent one afternoon getting to know the alpacas that live in the field next door and belong to a neighbour, Mercedes, Jackson etc. Having never been very close to one before they look like a cross between a camel, a deer and a goat. with huge dark brown eyes. Some of them happily fed from the kids hands. Ali told us about the 3 that had died recently, including a one year old, Olly that had died a few weeks ago, the same day that Spike got ill with his back problem.

Raz woke Stu at 7am and they went out fishing on the kayaks just after first light. They came back a few hours later with some snapper and some khaiwai – great for putting in the smoker. Later we went to a nearby bay to collect mussels and tuatuas (like pipis) for supper. Bear and Magi made an upside down pineapple cake for pud. Stu showed the kids a card trick and later taught it to Magi. Spike munched on mussels.
Thanks, Ally, Stu and Spike for a fabulous weekend.

An early morning fish with Stu and Raz caught this snapper.

Collecting Tuatuas.

Top: Elliot's Beach

Kahwai on the smoker.

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