Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Opahi Bay...mussels, kayaks, fishing contest

Green lipped mussels and pasta at Opahi Bay.

We drove out of Auckland up to Opahi Bay, where Roger has a beach bach and parked up in his garden. The last few miles all look like Hobbiton to us, but they must be plenty of places in NZ that have that green undulated hilly look. Where they filmed LOTR, in Matamata, just south of Auckland, must have been easier for those huge catering lorries, that are the first requirement of any filming project, to get to.

The kids met other kids! Darcy, Grace, Lily, Wilson and dad, Andrew and mum, Anna from Auckland. Andrew' took them out fishing and biscuiting. Poor little Wilson caught a great Kingfish but it was 4cm undersize so had to go back.

Raz and Bear kayaking in the bay.

A lovely boat for you, Olive.

Men versus women tug of war.

Fish as big as small children.

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Opahi Bay fishing competition.

Raz and Darcy being towed around at high speed on body boards. Cheers Andrew.

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